With less than 3 players on the main server, I can no longer afford to pay for the server.
This month everything from the dedicated server, to hosting renewals, to re-buying runelegacynews.com (to increase our security) has all been coming directly out of my pocket
And currently I can't do it alone since funds are incredibly low. I want to thank everyone that has been here for years on end and supported me through it all
To people that question(ed) my dedication, please understand my frustration when I say Rune Legacy relaunched on December 19th, so I've been doing this for nearly 5 months and no progress whatsoever. Altogether I've been working
on it for 5 years. I've learned a lot from this community, and can say I'm proud with everything we've achieved. But in the end this is not our game, this is Runescape's game, and me taking their work and hosting it,
then slapping the name "Rune Legacy" on it is WRONG. These guys have a team of dedicated people that worked for years to achieve what they had. And every single RSPS is up only because Jagex has allowed it to be,
because they are too good of a company to sue their fans and supporters. But that still doesn't exempt the fact that it is not our game, and we are living in the shadow of a game that truly made a success of itself.

With that said I had some amazing times with the you guys, and you brought me up during a time when I was at an all time low.
Thank you for being awesome, I hope that one day I run into you so I can give you a hug.
Today Rune Legacy's curtains close for good....

- Genesis

Small shoutout to people that have contributed a ton to the community, either by being a player/veteran or a developer, keep in mind that this list is from 2010-2015, so I might not get everyone but that doesn't mean you don't
hold a special place in this community.

- Harry
- Ferp
- Matthew
- SacredBoy
- KrazyKash/Naqash
- Imworth73m (Justas)
- Chaima/Story
- Frank/Zeroday
- Proton
- Aiden
- YouSuck/Eric
- Dino
- Sid
- Everet
- Ashley
- Lance
- Arjan
- Aaron
- Hurricane
- Pixelgasm
- Niklaus
- Placebo
- Neke
- Omicron
- Ranger
- Tiffany
- Snow Cone
- Danny
- Kenshin/Alex
- Jared
- Clayton
- Darrel
- Tristin
- Manz
- Colin (Pray 4 Me)
- Faithful
- Myckey
- Pain
- Bailey
- Anyone that has helped staff the community
- And you, the Rune Legacy supporters and players.