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Rune-Legacy is ONLINE :)

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Posted By:  Dino @ 23 April 2015 - 02:35 PM




Hello Rune-Legacy Community,


So I know it has been a while since anything has happened. I've been pretty busy and so has Genesis.

However, I am here to let you all know that advertisement is happening now and lets put Rune-Legacy to what it was before. One thing I ask from all of you is that if you have any close friends who played this game or anyone in contact that has played before, try to get them back. But most importantly, please remember to vote for the server. Voting really does matter and we would be very grateful if you did it.

The purpose of Rune-Legacy is community input so if you any inputs at all about the in game content or even Rune-Legacy in general, to let me or Genesis know. You may contact me through inbox if you wish.


My Advertisement Plans:

1. Livestreaming - Community Events - Voter Giveaways (This will include community events for only voters, if you vote daily you will be able to participate in all daily events and giveaways!)


2. YouTube - Content/Updates/Gameplay + Advertising of the server. (Anyone willing to make videos for Rune-Legacy I can help you set your description, your titles, and more to get your video out there)


3. Partnership with other websites (Sponsorship, this will allow cross promotion to the server and get the servers name out there even to the RuneScape Community)


4. Google search utilities and YouTube Search (Making sure all wording is correct and usage in order to achieve success)


5. Developers (To keep constant updates or improvements happening, I will go out of my way to find some developers that are actually good and aren't lazy bums. Or we can nag Genesis if you guys think that is better)


6. "Support" System (This support system would be something I could discuss with Genesis which would revolve around players submitting "tickets" in game which would be answered in game or to your inbox for faster results if this is possible)


7. Player Interaction - One thing I ask from our older players here is that you guys are very helpful to our newcomers, when I start advertising right now, me and Genesis will find out which one of you have been helping and actually getting players to come back or to even vote. This would give you a better chance at staff if you wish. Also our moderator Sacredboyy will be watching for active community members and will report it to Genesis



More of my advertisement plans will probably be edited on this post, so make sure to stay tune. We would love everyone's help, lets make this the best we can.

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Toggle %s Future of Rune Legacy and New Adminstrator (CrewDino)

Posted By:  Genesis @ 29 March 2015 - 04:26 AM

Hey everyone, I want to start off by welcoming Dino into the Rune Legacy Staff team. 


So many of you might have been wondering what direction Rune Legacy will be going from here. As many know although there haven't been as much changes to our development logs, Rune Legacy has remained up for the players that loved the game for what it is and enjoy playing it.


Today I wish to announce that Rune Legacy is back in action. With the help of Dino, we will begin trying to bring more active players into the game server. Dino specializes in advertisement and social networking, he's come to the server to try and help bring it back to what it once used to be, he will need everyone's help. I'm confident with Dino here we will go to high places.


As for the game, I know that many people have a ton of things that they would like to see in-game. So I will be opening new section on forums called "Wishlist". Here you can post your ideas for Rune Legacy, and where you want to see it go. The wishlist section applies to Rune Legacy in general, from forums to the game, to the artwork, and anything you can think of related to Legacy.


As well this upcoming week I will be working on improving our Rune Legacy Client Build into something that should appeal for more players. The login screen should have some improvements on it, and players will be able to change what type of gameframe they wish to use (and possible character models). You will be able to choose from various different starter items, and a referral option should be added, which will reward players that bring friends in.


But onto the future, with Dino's help I'm sure we will get far.


I am also going to create a poll to see what direction you guys want to see this server go. Do you want to be a partially spawn server (after getting a certain requirement, and implementations done so it doesn't mess up the economy), do you want the server to have a new skilling option (where ores deplete, trees chops, etc), do you want to see more Pking updates done? Please be sure to leave your feedback here or in the wishlist section. 


To all a great day, and welcome Dino to the Rune Legacy Team! Lets start making changes.

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