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Toggle %s Donator Rank - Request Yours Here

Posted By:  Matthew @ 14 April 2014 - 12:18 AM

Hey guys,


I've been getting a lot of PMs regarding the forum donator rank.  From this point forward, please use the following template and post on this thread so it'll be easier for me to stay organized.


In Game Name:

Proof of Donation:


For proof, a simple screenshot of yourself talking in game will be enough for me.  Upon completion of granting the donator rank, I will hide your post in this thread so when it disappears, you know where it went. 


Anyone who posts on this thread more than once and with any content other than the above will result in an infraction being applied to your account.  Current donators posting a request for the donator rank will also result in an infraction (donators who possess the forum rank that is).

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Toggle %s Bug Patch Run 4/8/2014

Posted By:  Genesis @ 09 April 2014 - 12:48 AM
  • Clipping removed from the wilderness
  • Range following has been improved, and now you range follow + attack at the same time
  • Fixed a bug with handcannon multi gfx (without shots)
  • Fixed a bug with Fletching interfaces (regular logs, shortbows made longbows)
  • Rsmode xp for smithing has been tweaked (harder) to resemble that of other skills
  • Fixed trade all, trade 5, trade 10 on items.
  • Duel arena, fixed not being able to remove items from duel
  • Now after level 20 you no longer gain exp from making Arrows.
  • Lumby Stairs distance decreased (to get to the duke for Dragon Slayer)
  • If you try to cut a tree thats lvl is too high, you have to log out. (Is now patched)
  • You can now use humidity with a fire staff
  • Can now go through the door in Lumbridge to get to Cook's Assistant
  • Smithing Iron Sword previously gave you Bronze Sword
  • Smithing Mithril Longsword, gives Scimitar, is now patched.
  • Previously unable to reach hopper for Easter Quest. (Making it impossible to finish)
  • Ectovial while fishing to get to bank is now patched
  • Teleporting to Lumbridge & Sceptre while fishing is now patched
  • Gain 6 Pkpoints achievement has been removed.
  • When typing ::empty , you now have to reclick on the ore/tree
  • Mass Clicking Agility Logs for experience is now fixed
  • Mass Clicking Agility ropes for experiece is now fixed

Special thank you to KrazyKash, and YOU the players. Be sure to continue reporting bugs.

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