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Rune Legacy

Rune Legacy is a RuneScape Private Server that aims for players to gain fast exp and fast gold.

There are currently 816 people registered! 7 people playing in-game.

Recent News
Jan-27-2016Bunny Ears release in 3 days!
Bunny Ears will be released to everyone in-game in 3 days, we can either do a Drop Party of 10-20 Bunny Ears, or we can give one away to everyone...
Jan-23-2016An update on a few things
Before starting I want to say that Bones on altar is now in-game and you now get 2x experience from using your bones on altar in Edgeville, if you...
Jan-22-2016Server is now Online!
The server is now online! I apologize for the downtime, we had a problem with our SQL database last night, it is now fixed and the game is back up...
Jan-15-2016It's time for a major change
I think with gameplay, the game has been going great. There's an abundance amount of content, and so many things to day especially with all the...
This website is a Private Server, gain fast exp and fast gold!