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Rune Legacy

There are currently 833 people registered! 9 people playing in-game.

Recent News
Feb-07-2016I have some BIG news
Hey everyone, so for some time we have been talking about the new OSRS client/server. Well finally I'm able to give you some news about it and what...
Jan-27-2016Bunny Ears release in 3 days!
Bunny Ears will be released to everyone in-game in 3 days, we can either do a Drop Party of 10-20 Bunny Ears, or we can give one away to everyone...
Jan-23-2016An update on a few things
Before starting I want to say that Bones on altar is now in-game and you now get 2x experience from using your bones on altar in Edgeville, if you...
Jan-22-2016Server is now Online!
The server is now online! I apologize for the downtime, we had a problem with our SQL database last night, it is now fixed and the game is back up...
This website is a RuneScape Private Server. We provide you with quick experience, easy gold, and many community suggested updates.
The game is constantly changing, if you are looking for an OSRS server, this is definitely the best source.