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  1. Hello.

    Welcome Back
  2. Rune Legacy 4 Trailer

    Cool cant wait!
  3. Username Reservation

    Yes I support this. I cant stand when usernames are taken. This will help that issue.
  4. Semi Spawn-Economy?

    100% no. I cant stand spawn servers I have like no fun playing on them. I think its just a waste of time never been a fan of them.
  5. Remember me?

    Welcome to the server!
  6. Hello

    Lights91 the same name I am using now. I really did not play much just off and on.
  7. Hello

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to make a quick post just to say sup. I cant wait to see the server back up going to be fun! Hope to see you all around
  8. Rune Legacy release date

    Take your time do not rush on it we can wait!