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  1. Salad Gang OFFICIAL

    10/10 team, am inspired   ..maybe 1 day
  2. Hi guys :)

    Welcome back, nice to have u back!
  3. What is rune legacy?

    Hi mate, you can choose to play on HD graphics or Oldschool graphics. The server will include the newer Oldschool content like the Serpentine Helm as an example. There is also a mode you can play in where you may customize your levels to make your account able to instantly pk, it'll make a lot more sense once you actually get to play it. ps: moved to the "ask questions" section at the bottom of the forums.
  4. Oi! -Jared

    Welcome back to the jam
  5. Placebo effect about to take place if u fukn know what I mean...

    1. Pain

      lmfao dickhead

  6. Staff Update - 11/29/2015

    Hey guys! Thanks on the gz, sorry I wasn't on all day today as I was driving back to my college after Thanksgiving break. Can't wait to be a part of the team again.
  7. Hello.

    Welcome to Funland!
  8. RL Memes of the Rich Days V2 (Better TBH)

    I know I remember building up to enough to stake against it from literally nothing a couple of times hahah, I had fun doing that :,)
  9. RL Memes of the Rich Days V2 (Better TBH)

    Too depressed to have thought about recording :/
  10. RL Memes of the Rich Days V2 (Better TBH)

    Bonus of me losing a big stake :((((((  
  11. RL Memes of the Rich Days V2 (Better TBH)

    I also found this other way better drop party that I did hehe, can't wait to be rich again. Also some juicy big stakes.  
  12. League of Qualified Miners

    Now that's a meme
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