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    Update on Rune Legacy

    By Genesis, 0

    Just an update on Rune Legacy for anyone that is checking in, I've decided that the game will not be discountinued. It seems that a lot of people that made Rune Legacy not fun for me have either disappeared or have been banned. I would also prefer to focus on this website, than start a new one. Atm I can't give an ETA on when I will be working on the game again, as my laptop died out and I have to find a way to transfer the files onto this one. 

    One of my biggest issues with Rune Legacy as a whole, is that it is a very high maintenance server. A lot of the skills, minigames, bosses, are not properly polished &  we're years behind when it comes to content. Ontop of that the combat is also poorly designed. In general a lot has to be re-written. It's likely that I will be starting from complete scratch but will try to replicate a lot of the features that made Rune Legacy good (such as an amazing reward system), while making sure that a lot of Rune Legacy's flaws aren't there (pathfinding issues, combat issues). 

    I'm not quite sure how the transition will happen yet, it's possible that the new server will be in a continuous beta for the next few months while the current Rune Legacy stays online as it is.

    In the past I used to work on Rune Legacy because I felt I needed the approval of the community, I want to be transparent when I say this, I'm going to be shaping Rune Legacy in my own vision, with my own outlook, suggestions will be welcomed throughout the development, but they will be just that, suggestions.

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    Thank you Rune Legacy!

    By Genesis, 0

    Hey community,

    I want to thank you guys so much for being supportive of the server and sticking around even after things started going rough. Honestly, you guys are awesome . I really want to reward the people that are playing right now so on Sunday I'll be giving away an exclusive item (this item won't be re-released into the game so only you will have it). Please vote on the poll and let me know what you would like to see.

    Again thank you Rune Legacy, and hope you have a good night :)

    Edit: Also if you would like to see a different item added, just let me know and I'll add that in.



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    Hiscores are online

    By Genesis, 0

    Hey everyone Hiscores are online at: https://rune-legacy.com/hiscores/

    I am also working on our vote api, and afterwards will work towards getting us newer OSRS data. If you have any suggestions for the game, please let me know and I'll also review that while working on updates.

    Sorry that updates have been a little slow, things will start getting back on track soon.

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