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  1. Last week
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  3. When is everyone on?
  4. Nelson or?
  5. I highly doubt Agony is around anymore, I remember you though!
  6. I'm working on skills, atm it's not very playable.
  7. Logged in here and there to check it out. Anticipating the changes
  8. The new alpha server is online, as it stands it's in a non-playable state but as stated before this is something that I will be working on in my free time. I wanted this to be a long term project, so it will take around 6+ months for it to be even moderately playable. When it is in a playable state it will be moved to beta, and then will be moved to it's own domain separate from Rune Legacy. I have also kept the original Rune Legacy server online as good will for anyone that isn't interested in this project and wants to stick with the original RL source. Updates will come extremely slowly, sometimes it might even be 1-2 things for the month. But as the server starts reaching a more complete state, and as I start developing tools, updates would start coming in more quickly (but that won't be for months). I'm really happy to be working on this project, it's extremely empty with almost nothing to do. But I get to write something from the ground up, learn a ton about RuneScape's protocols, while also making something that will eventually be something fun to play. This morning I've added binary player saving, I'll be rewriting that soon using object relational mapping (ORM) so in the future stats and progress will be linked to the website. Edit: Woops forgot the dl link: https://rune-legacy.com/downloads/Rune Legacy Alpha Game Build 0.01.jar
  9. The server as it is, is currently online. Not sure what the issue is, could possibly be related to Java.
  10. Welcome, the current server is reaching end of life. I'm working on a new project now but it's long term so won't be ready for at least 6+ months.
  11. So i downloaded RL, however it just shows up as a blank jar file and i cannot open it, does anyone know what i can do to fix this? or did i join back to late and the game is gone?
  12. Well after a long time of on and off searching for this server i finally found it again...... I don't think anyone would remember me, but i played since the start of rune-legacy was an avid player!, only member i can even remember now was a dude called "Agony" a mod, so if you are still here and see this suhhhh dude! Good to be back!
  13. Who's this Gilfoyle guy? We went Genesis back! OT - I'm happy you're bringing this new project out, hopefully you stick with it.
  14. accepto cualquier cosa mientras mantenga mi account viva
  15. No, si quieres puedo poner los dos juguos
  16. espero que en alguna futura actulizacion no pierda todas las horas de juego que llevo en este otserv. muchas gracias PD: me encanta este server lo adoro!
  17. Damn. Glad you're getting into it and doing what you want. Can't wait!
  18. So just a recap on the last announcement, I will be writing my own server from complete scratch. The server at the moment is very empty, it has no skills except for maybe 4 which are not completed yet, there is no combat, no player saving, and the client is from the year 2006. I believe this is the best route, as I can truly design and architect how I want the server to be from the ground up. In a year, with the right tools I can see this being incredibly powerful, and being able to push updates consistently. For now, I'll be taking things slowly. Updating the game slowly whenever I have free time. The source will be made publicly available as a pre-alpha on January 20th.
  19. https://rune-legacy.com/community/topic/276-new-server-long-term-beta/
  20. What new server? this server is going to get down and there’s gonna be a new one?
  21. Maybe on the new server if you're active on it
  22. sup guys my name is :issa my ingame name is :its nopo I couldn't make the forums name the same because it says that someone has used this name already on forums so I named it :insane risk on forums anyways I'm really enjoying this game loved the way that it's really oldschool the way that getting 'fighter hat' 'torso' 'dragon defender' from assault is so oldschool and cool to see some changes on other Runescape private server's I'm active most of the time and I know a lot about the server now,and i'd like to see the owner and the staff members online so we can get into each other much more because I haven't seen anyone online yet iv'e ben a staff member on many rsps's but they went down so.. pretty sure this game is going to grow up again I would like to become a staff member ingame so I can help others while you guys are coding or busy hope you guys see this message and log in sometime ITS NOPO
  23. Sorry I haven't had time, I don't even have the source on my computer anymore.
  24. nvm i guess
  25. Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed. Afterwards you just need to right click the .jar and open with Java.
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