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  1. Very very rare, Rune Legacy is very weird when it comes to drop rates, there's no common, uncommon, rare drop tables like on Rune-Scape, it's basically RNG. I would say its there's a very low like 1% chance of getting it. Btw which bosses would you like PKP to be added to, I can add it now that I have more free time.
  2. pkp

    Yeah but I'm not sure when I will have time,
  3. Server was offline due to an issue with MySQL, you can find more here. https://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=1341 This affected all of my websites and the issue has been resolved on my end, Rune Legacy server is back online now.
  4. Bye, locked.
  5. I can set up voting, hiscores, and donations tomorrow. The game isn't currently receiving updates though. So the donations would just go to server costs, but not really advertisements.
  6. I don't know what's causing that , first time I've heard anyone say that.
  7. Been good man, how about you?
  8. Hey Nick, I remember you
  9. Welcome, Check PM should help you with getting in-game
  10. I'm not working on RSPS anymore, I keep RL up because I know there are people that still enjoy hopping on every so often and I don't want to take that away from them.
  11. Welcome back
  12. No updates are being pushed to this version, it's the final release.
  13. Welcome back
  14. Thanks for letting me know we had some downtime with our host and afterwards the entire machine was restarted. The server should be back online now though
  15. Yeah