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  1. Logged in here and there to check it out. Anticipating the changes
  2. Damn. Glad you're getting into it and doing what you want. Can't wait!
  3. Working on another rsps/server by chance?
  4. is the server still running @Genesis?
  5. good actually heh
  6. At this point, anything that has to do with game play realistically. PvM/PvP are all the same from the past years. Not even sure how to quite put it into words, quite frankly lol. Like, what specifically that is.
  7. Still waiting for a spark in the game for me to get back on.
  8. needs the rush of potentially getting caught, but no one cares
  9. just tried it, confirm it does keep adding views before it loads/refreshes
  10. lmfao yeah welcome bakc mate
  11. d claws don't prot. a rune shield t prots over it like you said, pathing is broken when using range sometimes, you'll follow the monster right up to melee range for no reason??? just adding in what youre doing also, swimming glitch/bug
  12. lucky 38*
  13. cop the supreme shit if you can cause #resellislife assuming youre from the uk huh? was gonna ask if you were in US and wanted anything frm nike. work at the factory/outlet stores and get a fat discount on shit
  14. diggin the coke white forces for summer time fam. hows the eqts fit/feel? i have the eqt 93/17 and best comfort so far. especially compared to UB's and yeezys
  15. CC is "salt"