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  1. That's 1 closet you've come out of now, 1 more to go!
  2. I think that's the first time you've ever cursed Tay lol
  3. Haha yep
  4. RL could break the record for most attractive RSPS if you ask me
  5. I loathe this, support.
  6. That's too cool man, say what's up for me when you see him I miss Rich!
  7. Or just fix duping on the other source Jokes, support all of these except the shooting star.
  8. I thought it was Skyrim
  9. I think it's awesome that RL brought 2 people close enough together that they met in person, very cool pic.
  10. Someone was naughty
  11. I'll trade you my whip for them! (Whip requires 70 attack so it's the better weapon, you should do it)
  12. Ouch, Tay's gonna be out for revenge. Watch your back, Jared
  13. Oh that song takes me back
  14. OK, how did you lose it.
  15. Gen you're the best, thank you for this