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insane risk

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  1. What new server? this server is going to get down and there’s gonna be a new one?
  2. sup guys my name is :issa my ingame name is :its nopo I couldn't make the forums name the same because it says that someone has used this name already on forums so I named it :insane risk on forums anyways I'm really enjoying this game loved the way that it's really oldschool the way that getting 'fighter hat' 'torso' 'dragon defender' from assault is so oldschool and cool to see some changes on other Runescape private server's I'm active most of the time and I know a lot about the server now,and i'd like to see the owner and the staff members online so we can get into each other much more because I haven't seen anyone online yet iv'e ben a staff member on many rsps's but they went down so.. pretty sure this game is going to grow up again I would like to become a staff member ingame so I can help others while you guys are coding or busy hope you guys see this message and log in sometime ITS NOPO